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What Causes Plantar Fascitis?

If you’ve ever gotten out of bed ready to face the day, only to be met by stabbing heel pain as you take those first morning steps, you’ve likely experienced plantar fasciitis. Understand the most common causes of this painful condition.

Aug 6th, 2020
The Benefits of Tumeric When You Have Arthritis

An innovative and scientifically-backed treatment using a common spice in your cupboard, turmeric, just might provide the relief you need from arthritis. Read more to learn about the life-changing benefits people with arthritis can get from turmeric.

Jul 6th, 2020
How Many Steps Should I Really Take in a Day?

Walking is an excellent way to get into shape and maintain your health. The number of steps you should take every day depends on many factors. Here’s how to determine how many daily steps you should be taking.

Jun 23rd, 2020
Stem Cells and Tendinitis: What You Need to Know

Stem cells, a form of regenerative medicine, unlock your body’s own healing abilities, and resolve tendinitis pain. Learn more about the benefits of using stem cell regenerative medicine to successfully treat your tendinitis pain.

May 6th, 2020
Most Common Causes for Heel Pain

Heel pain is uncomfortable at best and at worst, it can keep you off your feet entirely. Learn some of the most common conditions that cause heel pain and how to get treatment.

Mar 1st, 2020
5 Signs You May Have a Sprained Ankle

Our ankles bear our full body weight when we move, so it’s no surprise they can be prone to injury. These are five of the most common signs that indicate you sprained your ankle.

Feb 1st, 2020
Are Your High-Heeled Shoes Causing Hammertoe?

When one of your toe muscles weakens and exerts pressure on the nearby tendons, you can develop a painful condition known as hammertoe. Learn more about how your shoes may be causing it and what your treatment options are.

Jan 1st, 2020
How Do Flat Feet Affect Your Overall Health?

Your foot, ankle, and leg pain could be a sign of flat feet. Even low back pain can sometimes be attributed to flat feet. Discover how this condition affects your overall health and learn what you can do about it.

Dec 1st, 2019
Natural Ways to Treat Bunions

Fall is here and it’s time to trade in your flip flops for boots. It’s also time to take care of that bunion at the base of your big toe. Here are some natural ways to treat it.

Nov 1st, 2019
Living with Plantar Fasciitis

Do you have pain in your heel, especially early in the morning? You may have plantar fasciitis. Here’s what you need to know about living with this painful condition.

Oct 1st, 2019
How to Prevent and Treat Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is not fun and looks ugly. But it can also be a health risk and lead to other issues like nail loss. Read on to learn how to prevent it or treat it.

May 15th, 2019
6 Home Exercises to Keep Your Ankles Strong

Your ankle joint supports a lot of weight, especially if you regularly hike, run, or jump. Keep these joints supple and strong by doing regular exercises that can help you prevent injury and stay active.

Mar 8th, 2019